Tenga Combine With Oculus Rift to Create Virtual Handjob Machine

A great day for humanity.  Tenga, the trailblazers of novel and sophisticated male sex toys, have joined up with the makers of the revolutionarly virtual sex device the Oculus Rift (due to go on sale next year – 2014).  The result?  The world’s first virtual handjobs for men..


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Vstroker Fleshlight Virtual Sex Attachment

vstrokerVstroker Fleshlight Attachment (£58)

Turn your Fleshlight into a genuine virtual sex machine with this Vstroker attachment.  A cap that attaches to your Fleshlight and connects to your computer, allowing you to ‘fuck’ girls on screen who respond in real time to every pump and thrust you make in their sweet little pussies!

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RealTouch Beta Tests Live Interactive Virtual Sex

RealTouch is now offering users the opportunity to have live interactive virtual sex with real webcam performers.  ‘RealTouch Interactive’ is the world’s first genuine two way live virtual sex experience.  Webcam performers have a dildo shaped input device which they used to have sex with male users of the RealTouch device over the internet.  If the performer sucks the dildo, the exact sucking motion is replicated in realtime for the user of the RealTouch.

The RealTouch is available to order in the UK


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Real Virtual Cyberskin Boobs

Cyberskin BoobsCyberskin Virtual Boobs (£89.99)

Modelled on one of the most popular and luscious pornstars in the world – Danni Ashe, this pair of 32FF cyberskin virtual boobs are as good as the real thing.  A pornstar’s perfectly cloned breasts that are amazing to feel and even better to tit fuck.

The pink and perky nipples are great for tweaking and suckling on.  You’ll be cumming over these boobs time and time again!

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Scientists Create Working Smellovision

In another important step towards fully immersive virtual reality, scientists appear to have figured out how to achieve one of the seemingly more difficult things – the ability to create, on demand, whatever smell is required.


The scientists claim to be close to creating a device, possibly small enough to fit inside a cellphone, but certainly a TV, that can produce up to 10,000 different scent, which happens to be around the maximum number that the human nose can discern.

In a more primitive way, this is already being tried out by an innovative 3D porn company – Adult 4D, the world’s first ’4D Porn site’, sends you a bottle of the perfume that their models wore on set during the porn scene. Imagine how good it would be if the scent came out of your laptop or TV?

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Virtual Holographic Sex Within 10 Years

Researchers at a university in America have made stunning progress in working towards live holographic video that can be transmitted over the internet.  They can now refresh their 3D holographic images once every 2 seconds, which is a manifold improvent of their achievement in 2008 of once every 4 minutes.  They also can transmit the images over an ethernet connection, meaning that holographic images will soon be beamed across the internet.  The head of the research team cautiously suggested that it would be another 7 – 10 years before we begin seeing things like holographic tvs sold in shops, but with the progress they are making that estimate seems unduely pessimistic.

By the time that holographic tv porn is a reality, motion sensor systems such as the Microsoft Kinect will have become so advanced that virtual holographic sex will likely arrive almost immediately afterwards. Teams in Japan are already working on touchable holography :

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VSex – Virtual Sex Teledildonics with Live Girls

VSex girl teledildonicsWhereas the RealTouch allows you to have virtual sex with recorded videos of models, and the VStroker simulates sex with both cartoons and recorded pornstars, the VSex enables you to masturbate live girls by ‘fucking’ them through the remote control of sex machines.

Thus this exciting new ‘service’ is real, live teledildonics.  A quick look around their website seems to confirm that this could be a revolutionary leap forward for the nascent virtual sex industry.  First of all, they have many models, most who appear to be bona-fide pornstars, and many of whom are breathtakingly beautiful.  Then there are the sex machines that you, and the girls, get to play with.  We’re not talking about a little remotely controlled vibrator here.  We’re talking purpose built, massive fucking machines.  Turn up the speed on one of these things with your mouse, and the girl is certainly going to feel it.

Obviously, unlike the previously mentioned teledildonic devices, you don’t actually feel anything – except, of course, the thrill of ‘fucking’ a pornstar model senseless and bringing her to orgasm.  The advantage is that you only need a mouse, a computer, and an internet connection.  And it will apparently cost you less than $25 a time.

The VSex is an exciting concept and a massive step forward in live teledildonics.  Hopefully, in the next couple of years, devices like this will be integrated with others such as the RealTouch and the VStroker.

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Toshiba to launch ‘Glasses Free 3D TV’s’

Japanese electrnics giant announced last week that glasses free 3D TVs would go on sale in Japan by the end of this year.  The need to wear glasses has often been touted as the major stumbling block in widespread consumer acceptance of 3D technology…particularly 3D porn.

Virtual Roman Orgy

Virtual Roman Orgy

Glasses free 3D could also eventually result in fully immersive virtual reality environments, which are often assumed will too require glasses (or holograms).  High-Definition 3D ‘Video Walls‘ could be displayed on every wall in a room, even perhaps the floor.  A person in such a room could be transported to the desert, a beach sunset, or the ancient Roman Coliseum within seconds.  Or, of course, straight into the middle of a Roman orgy.  This technology could be only a few years away.  Perhaps in as little as a decade, most people’s homes will be decked with an ‘immersive porn’ room!

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VStroker Virtual Sex Toy


The VStroker allows you to experience virtual sex with your existing FleshLight.  Just add the VStroker adapator to your sex toy and choose from one of a selection of porn videos (including 3D Stereoscopic and 3D Toon).  The VStroker will detect the movement of your penis inside the Fleshlight and match it with the movement of the girl on screen.  Fuck your Fleshlight harder and the girl being fucked on screen is fucked harder.  You can even select the camera angle of the porn video.  The VStroker requires no software, batteries, or drivers.  It even works with several other male sex toys besides the FleshLight, and you can buy the FleshLight with the VStroker if you don’t already own one.

Click to Learn More About the VStroker Virtual Sex Toy

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